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Desirebot.Com is a one stop destination where you will get all the stuff related to technology and telecom network. Like – Latest Trending News, Gadgets Review, Tips & Tricks, How To Guide, Top List and some others trending topics related to technology.

Desirebot.Com Started on13 September 2017″ by Nikhil Nikam 


The Main purpose behind creating this website is that we want to make it The largest website providing information about technology, Smartphones Guides, where People can find all the materials related to the technology in one place.

Desirebot Motto – 

Our Motto is to provide you all the latest information in form of articles and blogs about all the new advancements in all the fields that we cater to. Not only do we provide all the latest information, we also provide you various tips and tricks that are aimed to make your life a little easier.

You’ll find many articles here that are focused on solving various problems that you face with your gadgets. We also make sure to provide you the best health and lifestyle tips that are very important to lead a healthy life.

Also, if you’re confused and have a problem about any app or any services that you use, worry not, you can find the contact details, office addresses and all the required customer care information about various apps, govt apps, services like IRCTC, and many other things.

What would you find in Tech?

In the tech category, you’ll find all the articles and blogs related to the latest technical advancements that happen daily.

In this category, you’ll find various articles related to smartphones, cameras, TVs, tablets, earphones, laptops, and various other things. For making things easier for you we have created many articles that will help you find the best gadgets with in the budget you are looking for.

Not only that, we’ll also update you with all the latest software updates that the gadgets get. If you’re worried about any issue with your gadget that has got you worried, worry not. Find the fixes of the problems here at Desirebot.com

Live healthy and Dress well

Not only we provide you blogs and articles on tech and telecom, We also know a thing about lifestyle as well. We can help you stay fit, take care of your nails, take care of your mental health, and even things about very random lifestyle tips.

All these things are aimed to make your life healthy, easy, simple and stylish as well. You’ll also find various articles helping you fight depression, addiction, and other things that can impact you in a very negative way.

Customer Care Contact Details

There are times when you need to contact various customer care of various things to get your problems and issues solved. But, you might find it difficult to locate all the customer care details and the office addresses of various e-commerce websites, banks, and even apps.

This is where we come in – In Desirebot.Com you’ll find all the customer care details of major e-commerce websites, banks, telecom, travel, and even the apps. It’s a one stop destination for getting all the customer care service information of various major players.


We live in a world full of apps. Today, there are billions of apps available for the people to download and use whenever required. However, because of these huge numbers it might be confusing while looking for an app that caters your need. This is where we could help you. We provides you various articles on different apps.

We provide you various lists containing the best apps available for you to download for a specific niche. They contain information about how to use the app or how to fix any app if there’s any problem. You’ll also find various tried and tested tips and tricks that will help you use the apps better. So Stay Connected with Desirebot.Com

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