5 Best Stock Market Apps For Stock Market Research

Best stock market Apps

5 Best Stock Market Apps For Stock Market Research Every trader should try. If you are trader you are already aware of How trading actually works, you have to analyse each and every stock properly to make money through stock market. So to make your trading easier. Today we are going to share Best 5 Useful Stock Market Apps which will definitely save your lots of time. So without wasting more lets scroll below.

Best 5 Useful apps for stock market research

As a trader you should definitely try this app which will help you alot to analyse stocks, to Track or build your good investment portfolio. You can also get daily Latest news & updates of Indian Stock market & global stock market.

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Moneycontrol is a number 1 app for a finance and business purpose, you can track all the updates of Indian and global financial market very easily through MoneyControl app. You can get all the latest news of Indian stock, foreign stocks, commodity, currencies.

Every second you can also monitor your portfolio through MoneyControl app. moneycontrol has over 10 million+ downloads on Google Play Store and the app size is 17 MB only.

Moneycontrol also offer some process description plans with some profitable benefits so you can check you can get personalized news various ideas for profits you can also do technical analysis by professional chartists.


Stockedge App if you are a newbie trader you should definitely try stockedge app which helps you to analyse the stock market in very depth and to take better decisions by providing various information and technical analysis.

You can get latest stock market updates, global market updates also you will get daily news of stock markets and Nifty 50 news any NSE/BSE news. you can also check market cap of Any stock. The app has more than 1 million download on Google Play Store & the app size 9.14 MB only. which provides you latest stock market updates.

Below are some features of stock edge app

  • Get relevant bulk/ block and insider deals.
  • Complete analytics on mutual fund.
  • monitor companies through detailed ratio analysis.
  • Complete analytics on Indian equity markets.
  • Interact of financial statements like never before.

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Ticker tape is an Indian stock analysis app which you can use as a screening tool where 130 filters are available to analyse various stocks. where you can check comprehensive stock, analysis platform, discover opportunities with 130 filters in depth stock analysis, trade your favourite stocks, buy and sell multiple stocks can analyse your investments, track the emotional mood of the market that has more than 1 million download on Google Play Store and the app size is 8.5 MB only.


Investing.com is the most popular stock market research app which helps you to get real time stock alerts, latest stock news of volatile markets as well you can get live updates on global market & Indian market, you can also customise your personal portfolio.

The app has more than 10 million downloads & the app size is 42 MB only. you can track any NSE/BSE stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, currencies, futures and options.

Trading View

Tradingview is also most popular stock research apps which can show you stock charts, you will also get latest updates of Indian stock market as well as global market, you can enhance real-time market quotes, ideas and strategies from traders, advanced technical analysis tools.

You can get instant notification of markets move, you can also create custom list for stocks. The app has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store app & the app size is 10 MB only.

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Summing up, 

So friends, we have shared best 5 stock market research apps which will help you to analyse each & every stock. So don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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